What have I gone and done?

For some time now, even before reading of the exploits and amazing feats of the likes of the late Caballo Blanco, Dean Kanazares, and Mike Stroud and Ranulph Fiennes, I've often thought of myself as a marathon runner, or even an ultra marathon runner. Much of this has of course been a direct result of The … Continue reading What have I gone and done?


Fun in the sun

Well the lack of nerves ahead of the Wilmslow Half Marathon deserted me in the last 24 hours before the race. I assume nerves came into play alongside a severe bout of hypochondria on Saturday. I sneezed myself awake and even coughed before breakfast which was a clear sign that during my sleep I had … Continue reading Fun in the sun

Pro-am running (me and my Garmin – a review)

Sometimes I feel almost like a professional - taking sips of water every couple of miles from my Camelbak thingy strapped around my waist, monitoring my progress with regular glances at the device strapped to my wrist - surely this is how the top marathoners, ultra-marathoners and iron men and women train.  Then my legs give-up … Continue reading Pro-am running (me and my Garmin – a review)