The Unwritten Laws of Running

As a sub-category of the Law of the Sod, or at least as a relative of it, here are some until now unwritten, and certainly not complete, 'laws' which apply to runners (or at least mere mortal joggers like me): The Law of Delusion - Five or six miles into a long Sunday morning run. Everything's going … Continue reading The Unwritten Laws of Running


Technically Improving (or ‘Gadget Guilt’)

A little over 12 months ago, I decided I was turning into a proper runner. You see, I reckoned that as I'd stuck at consistently running at least a few times a week for at least a few weeks, I'd more-or-less cracked it and was over the hell and torment of 'getting started'. Over the previous couple of decades or so … Continue reading Technically Improving (or ‘Gadget Guilt’)