Mad dogs and Englishmen

For most of the year I seem to be wrapping-up against the elements, never really quite sure what will be best to wear. I normally err on the side of caution, particularly when it’s cold – I wear what I’d need if I was several miles from home and found myself having to walk back. … Continue reading Mad dogs and Englishmen


Not what I had in mind

I followed the female runner at a distance.  Her style was not what you might call elegant or smooth but it was effective at propelling her in a forward direction and required me to move beyond walking pace. At what point she appeared in front of me I have no recollection but I was sure … Continue reading Not what I had in mind

Eight Minute Mile?

The eight minute mile. Half as fast, twice as slow, as the legendary four minute mile. You know - Roger Bannister and all that - the realm of class athletes but for most a mythical place. But the eight minute mile? When this blog started in 2011, running at eight minute mile pace seemed a … Continue reading Eight Minute Mile?