Eight Minute Mile?

The eight minute mile. Half as fast, twice as slow, as the legendary four minute mile. You know - Roger Bannister and all that - the realm of class athletes but for most a mythical place. But the eight minute mile? When this blog started in 2011, running at eight minute mile pace seemed a … Continue reading Eight Minute Mile?


The Law of the Ignoramus (third person)

A wonderful, sunny day. You're running well (it does sometimes happen, even for me) bowling along at a steady pace (even if that feels faster than it actually is), taking in the wonder of it all. The problems of the world simply don't exist in the Utopian bubble of this magical run. You approach a figure … Continue reading The Law of the Ignoramus (third person)


So, a few years back I actually achieved something sporting that I'd set out to do. It was just like I'd read in all great-personal-achievement-tales-with-lashings-of-inspirational-and-motivational-qualities - well almost anyway. This blog originally started in 2011 with the intention of documenting some of my journey as I embarked on the challenge of running mile-after-mile at 8 … Continue reading Re-launch